What is (DCIS) Ductal Carcinoma In Situ:

DCIS is known as intraductal carcinoma which is a non-invasive cancerous or pre-cancerous lesion of breast. In this disease, abnormal cells are found in the milk duct in the breast. Ductal means the start of cancer in the milk duct, carcinoma referred to any kind of cancer which is related to skin or tissues and in Situ means “in place”. It does not have any specific symptom or specific cause.


In few cases, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ may become invasive cancer as well as disperse to tissues. This condition has been classified in accordance with the absence or presence of comedo histology, architectural pattern (micropapillary, papillary, cribriform, and solid), and tumor grade (low, medium, as well as high grade). It may be identified on Mammogram (it is known as process of utilizing X-rays in order to examine human breast) by checking microcalcifications. DCIS is the term used to refer to the group of cancerous epithelial cells, which stay in their original place in the ducts, and lobules of the mammary glands.